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What is NXL?
Company Profile

Company Profile

NXL is a professional Construction Management and Surveying firm founded in 1989 by Nico De León, PE.
With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, NXL has expanded to Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads and Southwest Virginia to provide our vast suite of services to our clients throughout the Commonwealth.

At NXL, we serve as both prime consultant and sub consultant on transportation projects large and small. Serving clients throughout the Commonwealth as well as other states along the East Coast, NXL has a large staff of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who provide responsive, high quality and cost effective services. 

We have provided a wide range of services for various types of transportation and infrastructure projects including:

  • Highways and Bridges
  • Mass Transit (Rail and Bus) Structures and Facilities
  • Transportation and Traffic Planning and Control Systems
  • Airports and Runways
  • Water and Sewer Rehabilitations

At NXL we are...

TIMELY: Even the best service doesn’t measure up if it causes delays.  We pride ourselves on delivering on-time services.

: NXL uses internal quality assurance steps to prevent errors.  In the field and the office, we take measures to ensure careful data collection.  By paying close attention to detail, NXL makes sure that our work for you is accurate.

RESPONSIVE: NXL can switch gears quickly to make your job easier.  We can jump into new jobs on short notice and make last minute changes to meet your needs.

NXL is proud to say that every client we have served has become a repeat client.  We have built our reputation on being a client-driven firm and continue to provide a high level of knowledge and service. We continue to listen and respond with passion and our devotion to our client’s needs. We strive to establish a long-term relationship with each of our clients. 

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