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Our Mission

“To support and enhance our clients’ infrastructure programs with a commitment to excellence, delivered by our passionate and experienced team of construction engineering and land surveying professionals”


Construction Management
NXL's engineering and construction management services include inspection and consultation on all phases of construction. Scope and project size range from inspection support on small rehabilitation projects to complete construction engineering and residency inspection of major transportation. We specialize in large transportation and marine projects including major road interchanges, installation of intelligent traffic management systems in urban areas, suspension bridges, and state-of-the-art concrete segmental cable-stayed bridges.

NXL thoroughly understands how to manage construction projects with unique and complex requirements. Our engineers have worked on construction projects throughout the United States, including major projects in Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and California. Our team of engineers also has world wide experience, having provided their expertise on projects in Canada, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Additional Services:
NXL has an in-house team of engineers and construction management personnel who can provide construction CPM scheduling services based on the need and complexity of the work. Prior to construction, NXL can develop or review the project's baseline CPM network. Our engineers make sure that the logic of the CPM network is compatible with the requirements of the plans and specifications. Using the most advanced computerized techniques, we can track job progress and identify issues to be addressed to ensure the timely completion of the project.

The Construction Management Division also provides claims management services to owners, contractors, and attorneys. Drawing upon our engineers' expertise as contractors, as well as utilizing proven partnering and dispute resolution techniques, NXL can help minimize the potential for costly construction claims.

NXL has been providing professional surveying services on preliminary engineering projects for over a decade. We have been responsible for all survey tasks on several of the largest projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia and have worked with other survey firms to provide supplemental capabilities on a wide variety of survey projects.

NXL's certified land surveyors use their expertise to assist clients in defining the scope of services required for projects. Members of our staff are available to meet and discuss project scope, required services and schedules. Whether it is a large transportation route survey or a small site topographic survey, our experienced professionals work efficiently as an extension of your organization.

NXL Survey field crews are knowledgeable, flexible and able to respond to urgent situations with a minimum of notification. NXL's field crews are experienced in the acquisition of data and use the most efficient methods necessary to obtain information. Field crews also understand and employ all necessary safety procedures during the course of their work. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital total stations and utilizing fully digital data collection methods, our field crews can complete your project quickly and efficiently. From tidal wetlands to interstate highways, our crews have experience working under diverse environmental conditions. They operate safely and efficiently and are sensitive to the environment at all times.

NXL's office staff includes survey and CAD technicians who are experienced with data reduction and base mapping to DOT standards. Procedures have been established which allow all field data to be plotted and checked. NXL continually updates hardware and software to provide the best service and take advantage of the latest advancement in technology. NXL offers a wide range of mapping and cartographic services including: 3-D mapping, contour and digital terrain modeling; base mapping; and data conversion.

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