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Creighton Road Improvement Project
City of Richmond to Laburnam Avenue

Henrico County, Virginia

NXL was responsible for coordinating and conducting all survey and mapping tasks required for the design of this important Henrico County project.  Aerial mapping and field surveys included a 400’ corridor width for a distance of 8,400’, with an area of approximately 80 acres.

GPS was utilized for establishing the horizontal location of Project Control Monuments and to obtain horizontal and vertical values on established aerial targets for photo control purposes, with all survey data relative to the Henrico County Geodetic Control Network. Horizontal control was established throughout the corridor and benchmarks set for future construction.

NXL’s services included property and plan research on over 100 properties.  NXL provided field reconnaissance and recovery of property boundaries for the purpose of compiling and rectifying with record plat and deed information. 

A detailed stream survey was conducted through difficult terrain and incorporated into the Digital Terrain Model compiled through the aerial mapping process.

Additionally, a detailed survey of the existing bridge structure was conducted and detailed mapping prepared for hydraulic analysis and design purposes.   Additional tasks that NXL conducted for this project included:

  • Geotechnical boring stakeout and location
  • Field location and mapping of non-tidal wetlands
  • Supplemental topographic mapping and update of
    Digital Terrain Model

Future work anticipated for this project will include the construction stakeout of the replacement bridge and new roadway alignment.

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